Most stories set in the future are dystopian, meaning they have a pessimistic view of society. We will consider all stories for the Green Stories Flash Fiction Writing Competition 2020, but we encourage you to imagine a more positive settings and practices for your stories. You can find out more about why we recommend positive stories by clicking here. Do feel free to draw upon the resources in this Green Stories website to write your story (found in the menu on the homepage. Each page provides links to articles/videos that describe the ideas and also ideas for how such ideas may be integrated into stories.

The story doesn’t have to be about sustainability or climate change directly. A rom-com, for example, could be set in a society that replaces ownership with borrowing and the heroine goes to a clothes library to pick up a posh dress and borrow jewelry for her big date; or the hero in a crime drama could use a carbon credit card and hear the news in the background reporting on the wellbeing index instead of GDP, or the characters in a legal drama could live in a city where everyone has gardens on their roofs and generates energy from their own waste.

Our short story competition (deadline April 2018) has resulted in an anthology of the 20 best stories called ‘Resurrection Trust’  which was published on 20th March 2019 and available on Amazon or even better This may well provide some inspiration.


We are looking for Flash Fiction that in some way touches upon ideas around building a sustainable society. We will consider all genres – rom-com, literary fiction, science fiction, mystery, crime, etc. – but stories must engage with the idea of environmentally sustainable practices and/or sustainable societies.


The Green Stories Flash Fiction Writing Competition 2020 is open to all, as long as it has not been published elsewhere. All submissions must be in English and conform to the green stories criteria of showing a positive vision of what a sustainable society might look like or in some way smuggling in green solutions/policies/characters in the context of an otherwise mainstream story.  Entries must be submitted via the link below.


Green Stories


Prizes:  £750: 1st prize £500, 2nd prize £100, third prize £50. Additional prizes of £50 for the best student submission (18-25 years) and £50 for best < 18-year submission (if sufficient high-quality entries). If a student or under 18 entry is the best overall then it will win first prize regardless of whether the entry is from a student, and the student prize will then go to the next best student entry. (tbc – awaiting prize sponsorship confirmation)

We expect to showcase the winner at the Flash Fiction Festival in June 2020.


21st March 2020


Length: max 500 words (excludes title)

Submit here. Send it as a pdf. You may add your contact details or not as you wish to the pdf, as we take your details during the submission process.


See the competition webpage for more information.