Hi there, I hope we’ve all been doing well in our writing and everywhere else.

There have been major changes to the website and there will be more soon, so here’s a breakdown:

If you’ve been visiting the site for a while now, you’d have noticed that the name changed from African Writers Hub to Winning Writers Hub. I did this because I realized that a significant amount of the traffic (especially from Google searches) to this site comes from outside Africa, showing that writers around the world are all facing the difficulty in finding opportunities to write, win and earn with their skills.

 So why not expand the platform to help everyone? 

Hence, the competitions posted here will now be global, beginning from next week. To make it easy for people from any region to find the contests they’re eligible for, there’ll be a new category (on the list in the right sidebar) which you can click on to see only those contests for which you’re eligible. If you’re from Nigeria, for instance, just click “Nigeria” or “Africa) to filter the posts.

In addition, posts will now be more frequent. Daily; hopefully, so be sure to check in often to make sure you don’t miss any deadlines.

I’ll also increase the frequency with which I publish writing tips and freelance guides, because I know that’s something most people are interested in – developing your skills and making money.

If there are any particular questions you have regarding how to be a better writer or becoming a successful freelance writer, be sure to let me know in the comments so I can prioritize the issue. Or just share your thoughts on these changes.

Thank you, and see you around!